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You sure you want to live in Chennai and do that return trip dayly? We don’t have bars. Accuse me of snobbery if you will, but I don’t find it an atractive scene and wouldn’t even if I was a drinker! Pavement Cafe culture in Chennai is paying Rs. The alternative is the expensive hotels, where you can have all the comfort you want, but I guess it comes at a price! No chance of a taster trip before you commit?

There are a number of places to visit near Chennai that are popular side trips from the city. The tourist circuit of Chennai, Mammallapuram and Kanchipuram is often referred to as Tamil Nadu’s Golden Triangle. These destinations can also be individually visited as day trips from Chennai.

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THE 10 BEST Fun Activities & Games in Chennai

With an extent from Fort St. George to Besant Nagar, the beach is lined with up palm trees. A view when sky and water meet at both the ends is just visible right in front of the eyes when one stands at the shores. An old lighthouse stands on the southern end of Marina along with several other structures like an aquarium, a swimming pool and a park nearby.

Places to visit in Chennai encompasses Marina beach, historical Mahabalipuram, Birla Planetarium, San Thome church, Thousand Lights Mosque, Guindy National park, ancient and divine temples of Gods and Goddesses and this metropolitan city never stops with a small list.

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When coming to couples dating place in chennai, you definitely need to focus on some basic principles that can result into a great restaurant and a marvellous evening. Couples dating place in chennai Because this is a private resort, you will have acres of clean beach all for yourself. Mahabalipuram is a short drive from Chennai on the way to Pondicherry. East Coast Road happens to be one of the most visited and popular roads in India.

A slightly upmarket crowd compared to Marina beach.

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The city is home to many reputed malls, shopping centers and retail outlets of Tamil Nadu. The shopping areas in Chennai have gained immense importance over the last few years for their range and distinguished collection of goods. Most of the shopping areas in Chennai are situated in places like; Egmore, Nungambakkam, Thyagaraya Nagar and Vadapalani. The markets and shops in these places stock some of the finest jewelries, electronic appliances and accessories, stationeries, arts and craft goods, metal works and stone carvings, apparels, footwear, toiletries, books, fabrics, music accessories, toys and lots more.

You could find the best of groceries, ready made clothing, branded apparels, Jewelry and accessories in the different Chennai shopping areas. Chocolates, handicrafts, and metal works are the other things that are available in plenty in the various shopping centers of Chennai.

Now, Chennai has quite a lot of famous places where you can party and enjoy drinks and also some more places where you can enjoy some midnight snacks. So come and let us have a good look at some of these places and areas in and around the city where .

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10 BEST Places to Visit in Chennai

The beach runs from near Fort St. George in the north tNao in the south, a distance of 13 km. The Marina used to be famed for its pristine beauty, jolly ambiance, and rich ecosystems.

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There are many service providers who can introduce local escorts for you. However these prices are ridiculously high and you will find companions much cheaper. Prostitution in Chennai do exists but one must need to know the locations properly in order to get the best possible results. Several forums and sources from the internet reveal that there are prostitutions and availability of sex workers in places like KK Nagar, Purur, and Kallarai etc.

So, one can choose either of these places but it is always suggested that he should consult someone who knows such things in details and have a well constructed idea about the same. This will help the person know about the genuine areas where he can hire a service provided by the sex workers in Chennai. Red Light Districts It is suggested that the red light district in Chennai can be found around Kodambakkam.

Kodambakkam is the centre of Kollywood, the area that is home to the Tamil film industry. The name Kollywood is derived from putting Kodambakkam and Hollywood together. Red light districts are defined as an urban area within a town or city where there is a high concentration of sex-oriented businesses and prostitution. The areas may have strip clubs, sex shows and adult theatres found alongside brothels. Unlike other cities like Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai, Chennai sex workers and their activities are considered illegal.

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Places To Visit in Chennai The southern part of the Marina Beach is known as the Santhome Beach. With immaculate clean sands, azure blue waters and gorgeous sweeping views of the sea, Santhome Beach is a one among the most visited beaches of the sea/5(32).

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