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I’m so disgusted with their behavior of keeping it quiet to get this issue buried 2. Can you please go and read articles of this issue? If it was an A Pink member, you guys would’ve brought everything to bash her. Go and read articles that are pointing out the flaws in Yang Hyun Suk’s explanations. YG is the king of getting away with controversies 5. Dispatch is a trashy source that earns money with paparazzi shots and dating scandals.

Is Park Bom planning to release a solo album under YG Entertainment : Music : ASZ News

Pinterest Park Shin Hye is one of the most beautiful Korean actresses and singers. Besides, she is also very talented. At 26, she has already done a lot with her life. Her natural beauty could be the reason why many men like her. Along with that, she has starred in many different TV shows and movies.

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Rapear, beatboxing y componer. Tiene un dibujo al costado de cada dedo de su mano izquierda que significan “dinero”, “amor” y “Dios”. Una carita feliz en el dorso de la mano izquierda. Una corona en el brazo izquierdo, que abajo dice “moderato” “moderado”. La frase “Forever Young” “Por siempre joven” escrita en cursiva en vertical a lo largo del lado derecho de su torso. La frase “Too fast to live, too young to die. Gran cruz en su pantorrilla izquierda.

En la parte superior de su hombro izquierdo tiene su fecha de nacimiento Se fueron de esa fiesta agarrados de la mano por primera vez.

Let more lovers join hands the 10th people’s dating association will be held today

Louboutin hat And so on! Dara also helped GD promoting his Heartbreaker album in her Cyworld account. In his message, GD told Dara that he missed her. For full contents of the chat you can see them at the group screencaps

Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek mengerahkan pasukan terbaiknya untuk mempertahankan Shanghai, tetapi setelah tiga bulan bertempur, Shanghai jatuh. Jepang terus menekan pasukan Tiongkok, mencaplok ibu kota Nanking pada Desember dan melakukan Pembantaian Nanking.

Kai and Krystal from f x have already been confirmed dating by SM. Partner who is solely intended for those wanting to donate to the programs and many consider. Lawmakers an additional dan kai bomi dating four months until. I’m kinda surprised when i saw an account of twitter that said ‘ kai and bomi ‘ and ‘top and krystal’ dating rumour. I love hyejeong tho she’s hot af. Kai and bomi dating rumors.

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It’s the new year! Time to think about what the future holds for us when love and luck are concerned. And – as everyone knows – if it’s written in the stars it must be true. See which Asian pop stars you share a sign with below:

Feb 02,  · Name:Yang Kai Di Birth Date: May. 12 Birth Place: Chang Chun bust waist hips height weight Occupation: ActressAuthor:

Above is a picture of the brain of the main vocal, Park Bom. The one on the left is what Park Bom thinks as her brain map, while the one on the right is the leader member, CL, thinks of Bom’s brain map. Let’s make some G-BOM related connection shall we? So maybe she constantly looks at the latest news of G-Dragon and performances, especially since he is now constantly away with Big Bang in Japan.

Bom could be stalking him, eh? Let’s Think about family- This part does not always mean the main family you go home to where you have someone to call as ‘Mom’, ‘Dad’, ‘Grandma’, but this is also referred to the family they have in their career, YG Family. So, as we know, G-Dragon is in one of those family! He has to pop into her head constantly, especially since he’s always trying to get her attention by teasing her, eh?

Green- That is Bommie’s favorite color! We knew that Bom wore that color outfit in G-Dragon’s birthday dinner!

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Let more lovers join hands the 10th people’s dating association will be held today The reporter learned from the opening ceremony that there were more than 8, single young people who signed up for the registration at the designated registration point and the official website of the 10, people. The trade union and the Youth League organized more than 3, single young people from various major system groups.

The ratio of male to female is: There are more than 1, fathers and relatives who have received the vouchers.

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Park Bom, on the other hand, reportedly did not sign a renewal with the label. Advertisement Five months later, fans who have been waiting for the comeback of Park Bom found a glimmer of hope when the idol hinted at the possibility of returning to her YG family. According to Allkpop , a fan begged the former 2NE1 member to return to the music scene and release a solo album. To everyone’s surprise, Park Bom replied with rather a vague statement that left her fans puzzled.

Aside from this statement, the former 2NE1 member also took to her Instagram to share a revealing photo of herself and captioned, “I’m coming back. If all goes well, the idol will be reunited with her 2NE1 co-members CL and Sandara Park who are currently under the care of the agency. YG [Entertainment] never explicitly said she was leaving the company nor have they clarified since,” a fan wrote.

Following the disbandment of 2NE1, Park Bom opened up about her thoughts on the separation but has never talked about her contract with the label.

Has plastic surgery ruined 2NE1 Park Bom`s natural beauty and does she look `weird` now (18 pics)

In korea, idols sell the “oppa image” to fans, such that there is a strong relationship created between the idol and the fan to a point where fans even get very expensive gifts for idols and always buy anything endorsed by the idols. On the other hand, in the US for example, no male idol sells the “oppa image” as a result no one cares if justin bieber is dating.

No matter how many times you say “leave them alone they can do what they want”, at the end of the day thats not how a korean fan think. No korean fan has ever breathed down your neck and called you delusional for allowing idols to date. So why should anyone find korean fans delusional for disallowing idols to date?

Taemin, KAI and Krystal in Fully Youth at W Korea Magazine July 17, As reported yesterday, SM Entertainment and W Korea Magazine collaborated for a live stream of the photo shoot involving SHINee’s Taemin, f(x)’s Krystal, and EXO’s Kai.

Share is also free from the dating ban that top and park bom dating in their. Share is also free from the dating ban that was in their. Are top and park bom dating in real life Legend. Retrieved June 23, Flip, even Sohee has had better interactions than that. He explained that the drug was illegal in South Korea but legal in the United States. Park Bom tweeting a picture of herself with boyfriend Charlie Brown. Inshe made her debut as a member of 2NE1 as the main vocalist.

Teddy Park production discography Choice She is best known as a member of the South Korean girl group 2NE1 until the group announced their disbandment on November 25, Dec 24 Some personnel updates. Archived from the original on Park contacted her U. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.


BY Julie Jones May 20, Earlier this year she was asked about her dating life and said she was not dating. Although she was allowed to date, her choice of potential boyfriends was scrutinized and she was not fond of being stalked by paparazzi. In fact, she rarely left the house.

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As a result, she released an mini-album entitled Me? As we all should also know by now, Park Jin Young was flabbergasted at her decision to put so many dark songs in the album prior to the release and told her she should at least add a few happier songs however, she pushed against the force of JYP and revealed a 11 paged letter focusing solely on why she should have released the album, JYP being exasperated at her choice and just giving her the go.

There’s been lots of huffling and buffling about this case from media outlets, numerous people taking sides and for the most part, international fans siding with Yeeun while Korean fans took the side of Park Jin Young however, I’m going to show both sides of the story and take into account my opinion of who is right or wrong instead of just completely downing Jin Young or Yeeun.

Yeeun’s side The power of individuality is a beautiful thing TFELT expressed herself through her own composing conveying a range of emotions that the majority of Korean idols don’t even show and I applaud her standing up to the force telling her to go against Park Jin Young. She did it more for herself rather than for the public, I suppose, and though this album didn’t top the charts or give her a certified all-kill, it certainly did give her the feeling of knowing she has achieved something: Maybe it wasn’t her goal to sell but instead was to not be the bubblegum bitch that Wonder Girls’ image forced her to be.