History Location in Sognefjord map of Norway inserted The church was built around or shortly thereafter, and still stands in its original location; it is believed to be the oldest of its kind. It provides a link between Christian architecture and the architecture and artforms of the Viking Age with typical animal-ornamentation, the so-called ” Urnes style ” of animal-art. Archaeological investigations have discovered the remains of three churches on the site prior to the current building. It is not known if this church had a raised roof above the central space of the nave like the present church. The earliest possible dating of this church is the early eleventh century. In the 17th century the nave of the church, which is a raised central room surrounded by an aisle, was extended southwards. Other elements were also added to the church, including a baptismal font , a wooden canopy above the altar and a pulpit — The altarpiece , which depicts Christ on the cross with the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist , dates from

Urnes Stave Church, Sogn og Fjordane

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Construction[ edit ] Gol stave church , belonging to the Borgund group. The drawing is slightly erroneous, as the sill under the church floor is missing. Archaeological excavations have shown that stave churches, best represented today by the Borgund stave church , are descended from palisade constructions and from later churches with earth-bound posts. Similar palisade constructions are known from buildings from the Viking Age. Logs were split in two halves, set or rammed into the earth generally called post in ground construction and given a roof.

This proved a simple but very strong form of construction. If set in gravel, the wall could last many decades, even centuries. An archaeological excavation in Lund uncovered the postholes of several such churches. In post churches , the walls were supported by sills , leaving only the posts earth-bound.

Datingside I More Og Romsdal

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Abstract The long-term evolution of rock slope failures involves different stages, from incipience of slope instability to catastrophic failure, through a more or less long-lasting slope deformation phase that also involves creeping or sliding. Topography, lithology, and structural inheritance are the main intrinsic factors that influence this evolution. Here, we investigate the role of these intrinsic factors on the rock slope failure development of the Ivasnasen and Vollan rock slopes Sunndal Valley, western Norway using a multitechnique approach that includes geomorphologic and structural field mapping, kinematic analysis, terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating, topographic reconstruction, and deformation quantification.

Ivasnasen is a rock slope failure complex with several past rock slope failures and a present unstable rock slope, located on a cataclinal NW-facing slope and developed in augen gneiss. Vollan on the opposite valley side is a deep-seated gravitational slope deformation DSGSD affecting the whole mountainside, developed in quartzite in the upper part and micaschist in the lower part.

These different lithologies belong to different nappe complexes that were emplaced and folded into a series of syn- and anticlines during the Caledonian orogeny. These folds lead to different lithologies being exposed in different structural orientations on the opposite valley flanks, which in turn leads to different types and evolution of rock slope failures. For the present 2. The Vollan DSGSD is characterized by a steep major back scarp with its up to m-wide graben, which opened along the subvertical foliation in the quartzite, and a conspicuous array of counter-scarps in the micaschist.

The morphologic features are explained by a flexural toppling mechanism in the micaschist, which likely initiated in the lower slope section and propagated retrogressively until reaching the massive quartzite at the back scarp. Creep along a basal shear zone, which may have developed in the hinge zone of the flexural toppling, combined with shallow valley-dipping joints, likely accounts for the large elongation.

Implications of this study for the hazard assessment of unstable rock slopes in Norway include the relatively rapid development of instabilities in cataclinal slopes and the important insights on long-term displacement rates gained from cosmogenic nuclide dating for a better understanding of the evolution of unstable rock slopes. Previous article in issue.

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Geomorphology Abstract For the past three years NGU has worked on 25 unstable and potentially unstable rock slopes in Sogn og Fjordane. Mapping on land included structural mapping of ten sites by on-site field mapping and nine sites by remote structural mapping using terrestrial laser scanning technology TLS. Synthetic Aperture Radar was app lied for the entire county but slide velocities could only be mapped out at one locality at Osmundneset Gloppen municipality.

Three large instabilities have been discovered or taken into the monitoring program. These are Osmundneset in Gloppen municipality, Skrednipa in Sogndal municipality, and the Ovris valley in Vik municipality. The largest movements with 1.

Fjærland. Fjærland is located in Sogndal municipality in Sogn og Fjordane. Here, the mighty Sognefjord meets the Jostedalsbreen Glacier and lots of peopleconsider Fjærland to be the most beautiful glacier village in the world!

Abstract The investigation of textiles and textile production can yield important information about the infrastructure and resource management in ancient societies. Before the 19th century textiles made of plant material in Scandinavia were mainly made from locally available raw materials: This investigation demonstrates that hemp, in some cases at least, was also used for fine textile production in Viking Age Scandinavia. The aim of this paper is to investigate this topic further.

The collection is extensive and belongs to one of the oldest archaeological collections in Norway. It contains finds from western Norway mainly. We identified a total of 45 grave finds with more than different weaves in the collection. Plant fibres do not keep well under the burial conditions in Norway, but we managed to identify ten non-mineralized and non-charred finds with fragments of plant fibre material belonging most probably to clothing and accessories.

Fibres from these ten finds were investigated using the modified Herzog test. In addition, morphological features were observed carefully. Nine samples were identified as flax, one sample could only be identified as a bast fibre. Our finds show that though hemp was used in some cases for fine textile production in Viking Age Scandinavia, available remains of plant fibre clothing and accessories coming from Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Rogaland counties are made of flax.

Urnes Stave Church, Sogn og Fjordane

The method and physical process behind the making of hunters’ rock art in Western Norway: An Approach for a better dating and understanding of their meaning and function. Vingen – et naturens kolossalmuseum for helleristninger. The World Heritage Site in Alta. The rock art of Norway.

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Available online 10 April 10 April The wide variety of features that are traditionally classified by glacial geomorphologists as moraines include both terrestrial and subaqueous forms and the impressive structures created by glacitectonic disturbance. This chapter concentrates specifically on all those landforms deposited at the margins and on the surface of glaciers and ice sheets with the exception of large glacitectonic structures, because they are the subject of another chapter.

Moraines are here classified according to the process-form relationships involved in their construction. They are deposited in three environments, including terrestrial glacier and ice sheet margins, supraglacial settings, and the subaqueous margins of glaciers. Terrestrial glacier margins produce push and squeeze moraines, dump moraines, and ice-marginal aprons and laterofrontal fans and ramps including features traditionally termed lateral and terminal moraines.

Ice shelf moraines are constructed at the terrestrial-marine interface. Supraglacial deposition results in the englacial and supraglacial production of moraines that are progressively lowered onto the substratum by glacier ablation, including medial moraines, hummocky moraines, and controlled moraines. However, because mass movement, glaciofluvial and glaciolacustrine processes work in juxtaposition on melting glacier surfaces, they are commonly characterized by hybrid sediment-landform associations that include medial, hummocky, and controlled moraines in addition to kame and kettle topography, ice-walled lake plains, kame terraces, and pitted sandar.

Subaqueous ice-marginal environments are characterized by moraines deposited at or close to the grounding lines of water-terminating glaciers, including morainal banks and subaqueous grounding line fans and De Geer moraines.

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Brev til komitemedlemmane, 19 Notat med tilrding Hovedorganisasjon: Hageselskapet Sogn og Fjordane Stiftet: Vi samler inn informasjon om alle som besker oss.

Lokalavdelingen i butikk og fjordane sør-trøndelag, h-spg3 – k. Single kvinner dating, frankrike, mange svaberg og kontakt oss styret informerer klubber i ovre eiker. Nho nordland oppland oslo, sør-trøndelag, www. Regionale planer på tjøme blir location når vårt hjelpernettverk.

The number and borders of these municipalities have changed over time, and at present there are 26 municipalities in Sogn og Fjordane. But they can be deciphered in the following way: Later, inthe amt was divided in half creating: Sogn og Fjordane includes the largest glacier in mainland Norway, Jostedalsbreenin the Breheimen mountain range, and the deepest lake, Hornindalsvatnet. Schedules for all public transportation can be found on internet.

These schedules are however only found in Norwegian. By car[ edit ] The easiest way to explore Sogn og Fjordane is by car. Schedules on a grey background are operated only in winter mid Aug-mid Junschedules on a red background are operated only during summer. And some attractions is only possible to reach by car. Later, on 1 JanuaryNordre Bergenhus amt was renamed Sogn og Fjordane fylke during a period of time when many location names in Norway were changed.

Route 55 from Lom is a beautiful scenic drive over the highest mountain pass in Norway, m ft above sea level. There are also many famous waterfalls located in the area. Sogn og Fjordane Transport[ edit ] Transport is made more difficult because of the fjords and the mountains.

Sande, Sogn og Fjordane

The village is located on the western shore of the Lustrafjorden , the innermost part of the Sognefjorden. The village sits directly across the fjord from the village of Ornes , where the famous 12th-century Urnes Stave Church is located. The village of Hafslo lies about 4 kilometres 2. The village is the site of the historic Walaker Hotel , dating back to about Solvorn Church , built in , is located in the village.

There has been a regular ferry route from Solvorn to Ornes, across the fjord, since

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Statsarkivet i Kongsberg, for Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark fylker. Statsarkivet i Hamar, for Hedmark and Oppland fylker. Statsarkivet i Stavanger, for Rogaland fylke. How the archives can help you If you know where your family came from, you should approach the statsarkiv for that district. In most cases, the regional archives are the best places to start your investigation.

You should realize, however, that the primary responsibility of these institutions is to preserve the records and to make them available for research use. The archives are not obligated to make extensive searches for the public, nor are they staffed to do so. But the staff will always be willing to offer you help, or they will forward your inquiry to the appropriate agency. As a rule, the archives will try to find a record about a person if they are given the facts necessary to search in the relevant series – for example: If possible, the archive staff will also offer you advice on how you can proceed in your work.

Lengthy genealogical inquiries, the tracing of family lineages, or the construction of family trees must be pursued independently by a private genealogist.

Reginald Hermanns

It was on the way down the mountain Frudalshesten, meters above sealevel in th Interesting facts about this location Sogn Sogn is a traditional district in Western Norway Vestlandet. It is located in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, surrounding the Sognefjord. County Road 55 runs right past the fall.

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Last flight on Bispen. Ground camera – Tomas Galasek. A Sognefjord Safari Slowly, they gouged u-shaped valleys that later filled with water, creating the defining feature of Norway’s landscap Sognefjord in a nutshell from Fjord Tour Flo Rida ft Sean Kingston – Roll full The stave church is assumed to have been built around and still stands at its original location. In , a series of samples from the logs were collected for dendrochronological dating of the church.

It is located in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, surrounding the Sognefjord. The fjord is about 4 kilometres long. On its south side lies the municipal centre of Balestrand. On the north side is the village of Dragsviki, which has ferry connections to Hella in Leikanger and to Vangsnes in Vik. The Tjugum church is located on the shore of the Esefjorden, just east of Dragsviki.

Kjolsdalen Montessoriskule “Skulemåltidet – meir enn mat”