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Ergoline SunDash 32 The by Ergoline This completely comfort controlled bed offers a luxury tanning experience. The also includes high intensity facial, shoulder and neck lamps for a complete and seem-less overall tan. The also includes high intensity facial and shoulder lamps for a complete and seem-less overall tan. Great upgrade bed for a great look and feel! Offering complete degree tanning, this high-pressure bed creates a deep, dark tan. The Malibu by TanAmerica A 72 hour bronzing premium bed offering optional facial lamps. This bed provides even upper body tanning and tone while giving you a healthy dose of vitamin D in the process. One of our most popular beds. The Mega Premium by TanAmerica Classic version of our 72 hour bronzing premium bed, offering optional facial lamps. Among one of our most popular beds.

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Have a tanning bed to sell that works great. Nothing wrong with it just want to sell. It needs a amp hook up and will give you any hours with newer bulbs. You will need a truck Or a trailer to.

This high output top of the line tanning bed is loaded with more features and offers more tanning power than any other bed in the industry. It features four different levels of facial tanning intensity to customize to your skin tone and adjusts as your tan progresses. With all this tanning power surrounding you, the engineers have specifically designed misters and cooling units that that cool you as your body temperature rises, keeping you comfortable and relaxed.

If you prefer to listen to music as you become beautifully bronzed, you will enjoy the high performance speakers with amplified surround sound. Matrix L33 Thirty-three high-pressure UVA lamps for a uniform and simultaneous all-round effect over the whole body, without the user needing to turn over. A simple command console allows users to set tanning time, to vary the desired amount of ventilation and to listen to their favourite music.

Its uniform emission from tanning lamps arranged all round the body permits the perfect distribution of radiations, halving session times and fully respecting the skin. Matrix offers the most advanced technology for tanning, absolutely innovative, reliable and practical. Safety is guaranteed by electronic monitoring of absence of damage to filters, operating temperature and ventilation.

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This includes UV exposure from the sun and from artificial sources, such as tanning beds. Numerous individual studies, including an analysis of several studies combined meta-analyses , have consistently shown that indoor tanning increases the risk of developing all forms of skin cancer, including melanoma. Misleading Information The tanning industry has tried to tell consumers that vitamin D is necessary and that it should be sought from tanning beds.

That fact is, all necessary vitamin D can be found in a healthy diet or from a vitamin supplement. If you are concerned about your vitamin D levels, consult your doctor, not a tanning salon!

For Volt tanning beds, the proper voltage is only between and Volts, while for Volt tanning beds, proper voltage is only between and Volts. Tanning bed manufacturers specify that all or Volt tanning bed models require a dedicated circuit breaker.

BrandPro over a year ago perfectly steriotypical – part 2 — Yesterday I was freezing. A tanning bed will fix that! I walk in and was greeted by a large pair of fake eyelashes that politely asked “Last name? Phew, I thought, “so It is today only! I went to room All I could think of was getting warm. I push the button Even the war plan of that Bellevue brat would not ruin the warmth of a high pressure bed.

My plan was working. I turn on the fan inside the bed. After a few minutes go by, my legs felt cold. I thought I was having a stoke brought on by “chick battle’. I look down and all the lower bulbs were out.

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Information Sheet Mapleton Avenue • Wired with a sound system throughout – ready for Satellite and/or CATV hook up • Wired for cable TV • CAT. 5 data cabling in office and front desk area for internet • Computer Each tanning room includes: • Bench • Individual heating/cooling controls • Individual sound system controls 16 Tanning beds.

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3 Phase Transformers ($$)

Alabama Hi, First, thanks to hints that were right on from people on this forum a couple months ago I was able to fix a dryer problem, but now for my new problem. I just bought a tanning bed commercial SunTana SunSystem from an individual who used it at home since it was new 10 years ago. About all the previous owner could tell me is that it was wired directly into a box in the wall with two volt lines Black and white , and one ground green.

They had someone run a special line to it years ago. Well, to hook it up at my house, I spliced a wire 10 X 2 plus ground from my dryer line 10, 2 X plus ground, 30 amp breaker for power, but the bed won’t turn on. The breaker is OK, and the dryer still works too.

Can tanning bed radiation worsen thyroid eye disease? How do you get the lady out of the tanning bed in poptropica? How do tanning beds work? Can you use your phone in a tanning bed?

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A big part of the problem is the intensity of tanning beds that shower their visitors with UVA rays 12 times stronger than the sun’s. A common misconception lingering from the past is that UVB rays are the only carcinogenic variety and that these UVA rays are safer. But this has since been proven inaccurate and even before symptoms as serious as cancer, the rays can cause considerable premature ageing.

Pre wired remote hook up. $ Sunvision 28LE (4 Available) The SunVision 28LE 2F is a versatile tanning bed because it offers you three ways to tan: SolarMax™ IFT face tanners on; face tanners off, but with low intensity, watt lamps on, showering the facial area with low pressure UV, turbo face tanners or no facial tanning at all.

Nor has the increasing number of sunless tanning products available significantly reduced UV tanning. A growing body of research indicates that for frequent tanners, a direct effect on mood may be motivating many people to lie in the sun or in a tanning bed. Indoor tanners display a high level of knowledge about the risks of UV exposure, but this awareness does not alter tanning behavior, especially for those in their teens and twenties.

In studies, tanners were asked if they ever felt they needed to cut down on tanning; were annoyed by criticism about their tanning; felt guilty about tanning, or needed to tan first thing in the morning. In one investigation, 70 percent of frequent UV tanners met criteria for UV light substance abuse or dependence disorders. Some researchers believe excessive tanning may be a form of body dysmorphic disorder BDD , 13 with the skin being the subject of the disorder.

The preoccupation causes distress or significant impairment in functioning. In controlled and blinded studies by our group18 and others, 19 subjects were unknowingly exposed to both a UV-emitting tanning bed and an identical bed from which the UV light had been filtered. When asked which tanning session they preferred, the vast majority favored the real UV-emitting bed, even though they did not know which bed this was. After exposure to the real tanning bed, tanners reported a more relaxed mood and subsequent decreased craving to tan.

Our own recent research18 explored the effect of UV light on the brain activity of frequent tanners. Traditional techniques of advertising the adverse consequences are likely ineffective among the individuals who are at greatest risk of addiction due either to their age or habit. It is also important to remember that as with alcohol and illegal drugs, addicted tanners might be self-treating underlying psychiatric disorders like SAD and BDD.

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For example, skincare is always No. They have the best antiaging properties combined with the best tanning ingredients. So first, what type of tanner are you: Once you have built your base tan and need a boost in color, try out a Natural Bronzer or Cosmetic Bronzer.

Welcome to Klafsun tanning beds. Nobody sells bigger beds for less. We have a complete line of commercial tanning beds to suit any of your needs at an affordable price.

We have assembled 11 essential tanning bed tips for you. Then we can help you with selecting the right sunbed, skin care products, session times and schedules. Before Prep Your Skin 1. Exfoliating helps prepare your skin before you tan. Apply a non-oil-based light moisturizer right after you shower or bathe. Check Your Prescriptions 3. Check the side effects of prescription medications. Some medications can increase skin sensitivity when exposed to UV rays.

What to Wear 4. Apply a lip balm with SPF protection. Check your salon for availability.

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