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Walter Carr and Officer Sam Etheredge arrived at the Grandview Avenue house, a man led them down a narrow hallway to a back bedroom. And into an ambush. Within seconds, 15 shots were fired. Etheredge, 34, a fireplug of a man known as a doting father of two girls and loving husband to his Mainland High School sweetheart, stumbled out of the room. He made it down the hallway and leaned against a chair to call on his radio that Clain had been shot. A bullet had ripped through his heart. The girls went to bed while the two women continued to prepare Christmas dinner.

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The last thing John Niemoth remembers from that day is turning onto West Dodge Road after leaving the state track and field meet. But bystanders Megan Steingraber and Aaron Gurzick remember a vivid and chaotic scene. Niemoth, then 66, had been volunteering at the meet on May As he was driving home, he had a heart attack near West Dodge Road and nd Street, causing him to run a red light and strike another vehicle.

Steingraber, a nurse at the Nebraska Medical Center, saw the crash on her way to a wedding reception. Gurzick, an off-duty Omaha police officer, saw the scene as he and his wife were taking their three kids home from a volleyball tournament.

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Conlan Posted On October 10, Tweet Shares 12K The criminal police officer who dragged and assaulted a nurse just received the career ending news! The Utah police officer who was filmed forcibly arresting a nurse who refused to let officers take a blood sample from an unconscious patient has been fired, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. The officer, Detective Jeff Payne, was seen on film dragging a crying nurse out of the University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City after she prevented law enforcement from taking blood from an unconscious patient.

The hospital banned law enforcement from interacting directly with nurses after the footage appeared. Payne was also fired from his job as a paramedic. The man was not a suspect in the wreck, which killed another driver, but police asked for his blood to be drawn. Why is this happening? She was later released without charge. In a police report, Payne said that when he arrived at the hospital, Wubbels said he needed to get permission from the hospital administrators.

After more than an hour of waiting, Payne said, he called his supervisor, who advised him to arrest Wubbels if she refused to let him draw a blood sample.

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If probation is granted, or the execution or imposition of the sentence is suspended, it shall be a condition thereof that the defendant participate in, for no less than one year, and successfully complete, a batterer s treatment program, as described in Section However, this provision shall not be construed as requiring a city, a county, or a city and county to provide a new program or higher level of service as contemplated by Section 6 of Article XIII B of the California Constitution.

B That the defendant reimburse the victim for reasonable costs of counseling and other reasonable expenses that the court finds are the direct result of the defendant s offense. For any order to pay a fine, make payments to a battered women s shelter, or pay restitution as a condition of probation under this subdivision, the court shall make a determination of the defendant s ability to pay.

Dear Amy: I am a nurse. I started dating a police officer seven months ago. We like each other and are getting along. We are both working full time and going to school. He lives two hours away.

Boynton Briefing – Nov. The victim provided the description of two unknown males she found inside her residence. Responding officers located one of the suspects and conducted a show-up of the suspect with the victim. The victim positively identified the suspect, Jeffrey Mullen, as one of the males who broke into her home. Mullen was arrested and processed at BBPD.

Mullen was later turned over to the Palm Beach County Jail. Congress Ave hours Officers were dispatched to a suspicious incident at the above address.

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Wednesday 11 October Cariann Hithon had been celebrating her birthday when she crashed her black BMW into three vehicles in Miami. As a crowd gathered around her car, Ms Hithon sped forwards, knocking one Florida police officer to the ground before another quickly fired three shots at her. Her car then swerved across the road and crashed. Ms Hithon was taken to a nearby hospital where she died of her wounds.

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Officer arrested nurse after being told to let it go Associated Press September 8, Updated September 8, 2: Officers initially wanted the sample as a routine part of a car crash investigation, said Logan Police Chief Gary Jensen. Salt Lake City police apologized and put Payne on paid leave after dramatic video of the July 26 arrest surfaced. Police spokeswoman Christina Judd said an internal review will look at the directions Payne received and how he responded.

Prosecutors also opened a criminal investigation that widened Thursday when the district attorney asked the FBI to look into possible civil rights violations. Payne was supported by his supervisor, Lt. James Tracy, who is shown on the body-camera video continuing to insist that police have the right to get the blood after Wubbels was handcuffed in a police car.

Attorney Ed Brass said Tracy has served Salt Lake City for nearly 30 years, and judgment should be withheld until a full investigation is complete. Tracy has also been placed on paid leave. The patient, William Gray of Rigby, Idaho, had been driving a tractor-trailer in northern Utah when he was hit head-on by a man fleeing from Utah Highway Patrol troopers in a pickup truck. The troopers had tried to stop the pickup for reckless driving but the man sped away, the highway patrol said in a statement.

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Shannon Kepler, 57, who is white, was found guilty in his fourth trial on a first-degree murder charge for the August shooting of Jeremey Lake, who was black. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Nov. Kepler, who was an off-duty police officer at the time of the incident, said he was acting in self-defense when he fatally shot Lake. Each of the three hung juries had only one African American juror. Shannon Kepler stands with his wife outside of a Tulsa courtroom on Oct.

HCSB The Police Officer’s Bible [Holman Bible Editorial Staff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The events of September 11, brought to our awareness the quiet heroism at work in both the large cities and the small towns and villages across the U.S. Every day police.

What Trump’s Davos speech means for prospects of global trade war The Utah detective who dragged away a screaming nurse for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient has been fired. Jeff Payne lost his patience with Alex Wubbels in July, grabbing her and handcuffing her after she reiterated a hospital policy that would not allow her to perform the procedure. Body-worn video of the incident at University Hospital in Salt Lake City went viral, leading to outrage. Mr Skordas claimed Mr Payne would still be employed if the body camera footage had not generated so much attention and blown the events out of proportion.

Ms Wubbels, a former Winter Olympian, was not charged after her detention. Her lawyer, Karra Porter, said they were pleased Mr Brown took action and recognised the officers had made crucial mistakes. Reuters Afghan police officers take position during a blast and gun fire in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Thousands of Russian Orthodox Church followers will plunge into icy rivers and ponds across the country to mark Epiphany, cleansing themselves with water deemed holy for the day.

Anees Ansari, Zainab’s father, accused the police of being slow to respond when his daughter went missing in the eastern Punjab province. Two people were killed and three others were wounded in clashes between angry Kasur residents and police after protesters enraged over her death attacked a police station in the city. North and South Korea began their first official talks in more than two years, focusing on the forthcoming Winter Olympics after months of tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme.

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Very few such cases appear to merit media coverage, it would seem. District Commander Gary Knowles says the police will not apologise. She suffered a dislocated elbow and required stitches to her face. But the officer is likely to avoid conviction after being offered diversion.

Good Luck Charlie is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from April 4, to February 16, The series revolves around Teddy Duncan (Bridgit Mendler), a teenage girl who makes video diaries for her little sister Charlie (Mia Talerico) about her family and life as a video diaries are made to help Charlie when she grows up.

Jackson is one of the safest communities in Wisconsin but not immune from crime, anti-social behavior, and other issues that require police intervention. Chief Dolnick, who started writing these stories in , is preparing to retire and is busy with the transition to a new administration. April On April 4 at about When asked if there had been physical contact, the woman said it was only a verbal argument.

However, after the officer and Sgt. Fristed arrived, the woman claimed that the boyfriend had grabbed her throat and punched her in the arm after she hung up. She said the altercation began when she went to bed and was disturbed by the sound of the television. She said the man entered the bedroom, yelled at her, and slammed the door behind them.

She then followed him into the living room and told him she wanted him out. She grabbed his property, threw it into the hallway, and tried to push them out. When he tried to get back inside, she pushed him again, and then he allegedly grabbed her neck and pushed her back. On April 5 at 6: Fristed were dispatched to a Green Valley address after a woman reported that she got into a physical altercation with her husband, and he was now in the bedroom with a gun. When officers were in position and announced their presence, the man, 35, came out of the bedroom; he was not armed.

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