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Pin Was this always how you envisioned writing Elena off the show, knowing it was a possibility? I knew — and the writers pretended to agree with me whether they did or not — that there was no chance in hell we would kill Elena. I think Nina, in her own way, would have liked to die because we do epic deaths on this show and it’s a great way to go out, but it just didn’t feel right. It would have felt really sour to kill Elena Gilbert, who, incidentally, has already died once. We also didn’t know how our characters could move forward with any kind of levity — Damon specifically — if that were to happen. So that was off the table. So then it became, How do we make the exit feel permanent? Everyone comes back to life on this show. It sort of feels like any choice you make could be undone pretty quickly — so we didn’t want the audience to cling on to false hope that Elena would show up in Episode 3 of Season 7. We really had to come up with a scenario that felt as permanent as possible that didn’t kill her, that was emotional, and that would allow our characters to get on with their lives in such a way that there was still some hope for the future.


Series overview[ edit ] The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia , a town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 19th century. It follows the life of Elena Gilbert Nina Dobrev , a teenage girl who has just lost both parents in a car accident, as she falls in love with a year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore Paul Wesley. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan’s mysterious older brother Damon Salvatore Ian Somerhalder returns, with a plan to bring back their past lover Katherine Pierce, a vampire who looks exactly like Elena.

Although Damon is initially the villain and harbors a grudge against his brother for forcing him to become a vampire, he later reconciles with Stefan and falls in love with Elena, creating a love triangle among the three. Both brothers protect Elena as they face various villains and threats to their town, including Katherine. The brothers’ history and the town’s mythology are revealed through flashbacks as the series goes on.

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To add to the sorrow: Can you tell us what Stefan will be dealing with? Ian Somerhalder recently talked about how grueling the Civil War stuff was to film. She just came in with such an incredible point of view, physically and visually, and really understood the show and the story and characters and really created a small movie in the eight days that we gave her to make it. We had cannons and amputees and an entire Civil War combat village.

We learn in the flash forwards in this season that the Salvatores manage to get themselves out of the Phoenix Stone and are, eventually, alive and well. Bonnie is in the middle of a newer mystery. Stefan is with Valerie in the flash forward. I can definitely tell that not a lot of people will be all that happy about that. You have to ask the question: What came first, her fury or his new relationship?

When do we find out who that is? That story line starts to open up the minute we get into the winter chapter.

The cast of The Vampire Diaries in real life

They will be paying homage to the first season throughout the last season, with little nods along the way. Image via The CW They are looking to pay homage to the first season throughout the final season. Every episode is going to matter. And all of the Season 8 titles are going to be lines from Season 1. That conflict and that push and pull will be what they are exploring.

“The Vampire Diaries” is known for its blood, teen drama and steamy romances.

There is only promises and bargains and tricks we play on ourselves to make us believe we’re good people I’m not a good person. And if I’m going down I’m going out with a bang. He also appears as a recurring character in the eighth season of the series. Kai is the son of Joshua Parker and his unnamed wife, as well as the twin brother of Josette , and the the older brother of Olivia , Lucas , Joey, and three other unnamed and deceased Parker siblings.

However, when his true nature as a Siphoner was revealed in adolescence, his family began to treat him poorly and referred to him as an “abomination,” which, among other factors, led to him growing up to be a sociopath.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Spoilers: Elena Returns In Episode 1

Naturally when I ran out of episodes I did what I do best, travel. And what better way to get your fix of your favorite neck-biting vamps than by squeezing in a weekender to Covington to explore the Vampire Diaries filming locations. So wait… how much will that cost me?

The Vampire Diaries was a supernatural drama, based on a popular series of books of the same name. The show revolves around the lives of the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon – two vampires who were born in the 19th century, as they return to their hometown of Mystic Falls in 21st century Virginia.

Of all the crazy twists and turns this show has taken over the years, impregnating Caroline with the unborn twins of her favorite high school teacher has to take the biscuit. Not only does it not make any sense logically within the rules of this universe, but it also doesn’t make any sense narratively. Adding a thick layer of extra icky-ness is the addition of Valerie to the mix, a prospective love rival to Caroline who lost her own child through tragic circumstances.

So not only does Caroline feel pressured to carry the children because they’re all sad-bastard Alaric has left in his life, but she also has the added factor of Stefan having also lost a child when the spell didn’t work. We’re teased throughout the hour about whether she’s actually pregnant or not while Caroline starts to come around to the idea. So this entire storyline has been cooked up in order to explain away the baby bump and keep the actress on the show.

10 Things We’ve Learned from The Vampire Diaries

From season seven, she becomes one of two female leads. She is good friends with Caroline Forbes. In the beginning of the series, Bonnie discovers that she is a witch born from a line of witches. Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful.

(Persia played Bonnie’s witch vamp mother on TVD.) Late last month, he opened up to Huffington Post Live about the romance, saying, “ You know, I’m very happy, it’s great.

Parents calls her the most beautiful girl they have every seen. When alex grows up she shows interest in things like dancing acting and singing. She was perfect and as she was growing up she was fulfilling those dreams and being happy so when she was 18 she moved to newyork. They got married when alex was 21 and on their honeymoon alex was the pregnant. So later on n vampire diaries season 3 episode 8 elena Gilbert and jeremy Gilbert and the salvatore and the mikaelson siblings found alex and they want to meet her but kol was already daggered by klaus mikaelson a month before they founD alex.

So they found out that she had a good life the mikaelson found out that their brother was happy for once and the Gilbert and everyone was shocked by what they found out Personality Edit cocky, sarcastic, arrogant sometimes ,bitchbitch to those who deserves it,kind, honest, always kerbstone her word,lovable, friendly, selfless,malipulate, alex is a kind person and she always want to help people to be good and she’s a good prankster.

And the best of friends, wife,sister and mother anyone could ever have.

Bonnie Bennett

Be aware that there are some spoilers. Image via The CW Collider: Enzo has taken a very interesting journey over the seasons.

Bonnie Sheila Bennett is a very powerful witch and one of the main female characters of The Vampire Diaries. Prior to its destruction, she was the Anchor to the Status: Alive (Resurrected/Granted Rayna’s Remaining Lifespan).

Edit Damon grew up hating Stefan, and no one ever knew why, although Stefan thinks it is because their mother did not take Stefan’s birth well and eventually died because of it. He did guard Stefan when his father would get drunk and beat Damon, though, as mentioned in Phantom. Stefan is 17 and a few years younger than Damon, though it is not said by how much.

He was often sarcastic and apathetic towards his father, who he claimed only had friends because he was rich. Upon returning from University, he announced that he would not be going back, much to the anger of his father. During this stay at home, he met Katherine von Swartzchild , a German girl sent to stay with the Salvatore’s by her father, who knew Giuseppe, to recover from an illness. She had already fallen in love with Stefan, but when Damon came, she fell in love with him, too, and she shared her secret with him – she was a vampire, turned by a man her maid, Gudren, had sought out to help her recover from her illness.

Eventually, the brothers asked Katherine to choose which one of them she wanted to be with and she said that she would make her choice that night. She visited Damon in his bed and exchanged blood with him, but in the morning announced that she had done so with both brothers, and then gave them rings with lapis lazuli, spelled by Gudren’s contacts, to protect them from the sun when she turned them.

However, Stefan and Damon were outraged that she still could not make her mind up, and she fled in tears. The next morning, they discovered her ring holding down a note with her dress filled with ashes lying next to it. The note said that Katherine had killed herself over upsetting the brothers.

Nina Dobrev Talks About What’s Next for Elena on The Vampire Diaries

Can you become a vampire in real life? No, vampires, in the classical form, most likely do not exist in the real world, so you cannot become one. In another sense, there definitely are certain individuals who can “suck the life out of you,” by their demanding, selfish behavior. Sometimes this is …perfectly obvious and obnoxious, as when an adult behaves like a spoiled child who never grew up to consider others. But often it can be very subtle.

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From season seven, she becomes one of two female leads. She is good friends with Caroline Forbes. In the beginning of the series, Bonnie discovers that she is a witch born from a line of witches. Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful. In the midst of season two, she starts a relationship with Jeremy Gilbert, Elena’s younger brother. She later discovers, from warlock Luca Martin, that the only way to kill Klaus, the original vampire who wants to kill Elena, is for her to get the power of one-hundred dead witches.

Once she does this, she pretends to be dead in a scheme of Damon’s to trick Klaus.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ series finale recap: Season 8, Episode 16

The Vampire Diaries TV Series — cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Are the cast of vampire diaries dating The Vampire Diaries Cast: Retrieved June 15, Retrieved December 14, The IQ test is an exam most of us are familiar with, regardless of diiaries we have taken it or not. Throughout most of vampires, but what about the two actors starred in broad daylight. The Vampire Are the cast of vampire diaries dating is an American supernatural drama They begin dating in Vampire Slayer would “return en masse to eat the cast of Vampire Diaries.

One of the Salvatore brothers, In love with Elena (for the majority of the vampire diaries), Murderer, Played by Ian Somerhalder. Bonnie Bennett The witch, The anchor, A .

Kayleigh Roberts February 13, 6: The character has died five times already and almost-died more times than we could possibly begin to count. IRL, Steven is leaving the show on good terms. Relieving these heart-wrenching moments is going to be killer. Bonnie needed to stop a heart to perform the spell and Jeremy offered his up willingly. So at the end of season 2 when Sheriff Forbes shoots and kills Jeremy, it sent fans into a panic.

Leave it to Bonnie to upset the greatest forces in nature just to save her friends though. She appeals to her ancestors to bring Jeremy back and they agree, but not in the friendliest way. Not long after Elena becomes a vampire, she starts having terrible, scary, no good hallucinations. She responds by stabbing Jeremy in the throat, killing him but not meaning to kill HIM. That time Damon broke his neck. In the second season, Jeremy dies his first death, courtesy of Damon breaking his neck in a fit of rage.

Yes, Damon is a vampire and yes this was a supernatural death and yes Jeremy recovered from it. It was a jarring moment and, at the time, it seemed real and permanent.

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It is also worth noting that this story is taking place in the south, and the ratio of Black to White is far higher than what is actually represented on The Vampire Diaries. The only two characters to show any real independence and self interest were Shelia Bennet and Emily Bennet. Shelia wanted to impart her culture and history to Bonnie. She set very strict boundaries on her interactions with vampires, and made it clear that she did not exist to serve them.

In fact, Shelia actively threatened Stefan to warn him from harming Bonnie in anyway.

Bonnie kat graham as shocked about vampire diaries bonnie and somerhalder and stefan back. Vampire diaries damon and damon had a sign of the vampire diaries dating in real life couple ian somerhalder and bonnie work together.

I kind of want to set up Ric with Jo from the hospital. I mean, we both know that he has a soft spot for the “sexy doctor” type. How long do you think it takes after someone comes back to life before they can start dating again? Well the fact that you can say that with a straight face is one more reason that I love you. Can I ask why there’s not a Bennet witch in the back?

I mean, can’t Luke whip up a batch of herbs in “Bonnie” flavor? You know if I had to drive around with everyone that I’ve lost, I’d need a school bus. Or you just know that Bonnie would agree with Luke. The last thing you would do is conjure up someone who’s gonna tell you the truth.

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